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Specifically designed for charities, social enterprises and nonprofits. Our mission is to use technology to simplify your workload and boost your impact.

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Stories are a better way to engage supporters

Telling stories is one of the most powerful and effective means to influence, teach, and inspire people. Information alone rarely engages an audience in the same way a well-designed story can.

Powerful story editor
Many tools at your fingertips to help you create engaging stories about your impact.
Share to social media
Create once, share everywhere. We'll even automatically adapt your story to best suit the social network to give you a good starting point.
Embed on your website
Publish your stories to your very own website! We make it super simple to add any of your stories directly to any page.
Organise with projects
Help your team reach your objectives by organising content within a project. Use projects to demonstrate value to stakeholders.

In partnership with many local charities

Frequently asked questions

What is Patchwork’s purpose?
Patchwork is a tool to help you compose meaningful stories and share them with the world. Our mission is to use technology to simplify the process of collecting stories and to boost the impact of sharing them.
Who is Patchwork aimed at?
Patchwork is designed for charities, social enterprises and nonprofits.
Can my stories be attached to my website?
Almost. We are currently working on a way to embed our player on your website - along with functionality within the Patchwork app to make this possible. We're very excited about this!
When will Patchwork be launched?
Soon. We are currently in an invite-only alpha phase with our partners and are focusing on testing the system and identifying any critical missing functionality.
How much will it cost?
We have yet to make any decisions on pricing other than our partners will have life time access at no cost.
Can I share my stories to social media?
Absolutely. Stories you create in Patchwork are adapted for optimal delivery to many different platforms. You also have full control to make changes before anything is published.